Our story

Tzachi, Founder and CEO of Apri

On the journey from an idea to a thriving business

"I often used to visit my cousin who has cerebral palsy. I noticed that at mealtimes, she would wear this really uncomfortable-looking disposable bib which surprised me. 

"I approached experts at Beit Issie Shapiro, a provider of cutting-edge services for people with disabilities. They told me that this was normal-  people with disabilities often use totally inadequate bibs. That shocked me, and I became determined to provide a better solution. 

"I decided to produce top-quality, attractive bibs designed exclusively for children and adults with disabilities. And the bibs needed to be accessible to all.

Early days

"Before long, our newly assembled Apri team began to construct the perfect adaptive bib down to the smallest detail. We learned what customers needed, worked meticulously with experts and families, and scoured the globe for the best materials. Once the first bibs were ready for testing, we studied our bib wearers’ feelings and behavior before, during, and after trying out our new bibs. 

Moving forward

"Since the launch of our first Apri bibs, the positive feedback has been overwhelming, and requests for new styles of bibs and other adaptive products have flooded in. 

"We’re so proud to launch our new Apri bib collections with upgraded specialist features and stylish designs for children, teens, and adults, and we can’t wait to take our next steps on this incredible journey."