Our products

Apri bibs are made with top-of-the-range materials and specialist features.

The bibs are made with soft, sensory-friendly, liquid-resistant fabric that does not rustle. They can be wiped clean, or machine-washed and tumble-dried.

  • Fasteners

    All the bibs have grippy rip-tape bib neck fastenings. They are adjustable and feature ‘biocompatible’ materials, meaning they are super durable and extra sensory and allergy friendly. Using innovative ‘Plastic Hooks’ technology approved by the American Physical Therapy Association, the closures are much easier to clean than standard grippy fasteners.

  • Pockets

    We want all our customers to feel confident about eating independently wherever possible. Nobody should have to worry about accidentally dropping food on the floor. That’s why all our mealtime bibs include a large pocket especially designed to catch fallen food. The pocket is discreet, secured with poppers and opens fully for easy cleaning.

  • Apri bibs clothing protector for adults, teens, and kids with disabilities. Classic dark blue, food pocket, and innovative fastener.

    Sleeveless Bibs

    Sleeveless mealtime bibs provide full torso coverage with maximum flexibility for the arms. They are ideal for adults, and for children with special sensitivities to clothing. 

    See Sleeveless Bibs 
  • Dark blue cap sleeve extra small special needs bib with food collection pocket

    Cap Sleeve Bibs

    Cap sleeve mealtime bibs sit more securely on the body than sleeveless bibs, and are recommended for children who move around a lot while eating.

    See Cap Sleeve Bibs 
  • Apri Reusable Disability Bibs: Stylish dark blue long-sleeves for kids, teens, and adults. Tiger graphic and convenient food pocket included

    Long Sleeve Bibs

    Long sleeve mealtime bibs provide the maximum protection from food mess and stains, while remaining flexible and comfortable. 

    See Long Sleeve Bibs 

Tips for choosing the right bib for you

How do Apri Bibs make mealtimes better?

Don’t take our word for it. Look at what our testers discovered!

85 children with disabilities in 12 different schools, kindergartens and organizations tried out Apri’s adaptive bibs. Their caregivers helped assess how the range compares to standard bibs.

See the test results below.

  • Neck fastenings keep food out

    Apri’s adjustable closures fit snugly and comfortably around the neck.

  • Clothes stay clean and protected

    Apri’s water repellent fabric keeps the clothes dry while the collection pocket captures fallen food.

  • Bibs are easy to fasten

    Apri bib closures are durable, sensory-friendly and simple to open and close.

  • Bibs boost eating

    Caregivers noted that children enjoyed mealtimes and ate slightly more food because Apri bibs are so stylish and comfortable.

  • Bibs strengthen independence

    Apri’s adjustable closures fit snugly and comfortably around the neck.