Meet the team

Passionate, dedicated and a little bit quirky - meet the team sending Apri bibs wherever they are needed. 

  • Tzachi: The Visionary

    Messiest meal: Fish, chips, ketchup and beer - somehow the combination seems to make a big mess.

    Working at Apri is... a thrill. Every bib that gets to an adult or child improves their quality of life. The more I work, the bigger the impact on the lives of people with disabilities.

  • Abigail: Operations Ninja

    Messiest meal: Spaghetti Bolognese - it spills on my top and my face gets covered in sauce- ha!

    Working at Apri is... Uplifting. It's all about making life comfier and more stylish for people with diverse needs. Our shared commitment to inclusivity and innovation creates a positive and inspiring workplace.

  • Sagi: Digital Marketing Maestro

    Messiest meal: Moroccan fish in spicy sauce- It’s so hard to stop sauce dripping on my shirt!

    Working at Apri is... Heartening. Our bibs enable a better and more pleasant experience for both wearers and their carers, giving them and our team another reason to smile.