About Gift-a-bib

At Apri, we’re passionate about building a world where children and adults with disabilities are empowered to live lives of comfort, dignity and self-expression.

We believe that when children and adults with disabilities need them, suitable bibs are a necessity, not a luxury.

Our unique gift-a-bib non-profit program runs in parallel with our store to make Apri bibs accessible to everyone. 

Donate now

Thanks to the generosity of our donors, we gift Apri bibs to institutions and individuals whose budgets are too limited to purchase them directly.

We’ve already sent donated bibs to schools across Israel for children with disabilities,  and we are now looking for more partners around the globe who can help us distribute Apri bibs wherever they are most needed.

Donate now
  • “The bibs facilitate independent eating and arts and crafts activities for our students without constrictions on their movements and without fear of ruining their clothes. One of our students has a complex motor disability which causes involuntary hand movements. The bib empowers him to join in with the activities independently while feeling comfortable and keeping his clothes clean. We thank you for your valuable contribution to the education and independence of students with disabilities”.

    - Michal K, Deputy Head, Hatena School

  • “Apri bibs are clearly top quality and very pleasant to wear and I wish I could give them to our residents. Unfortunately, we only have the budget for the most basic bibs [from other companies], which don’t protect their clothes at mealtimes. We received feedback from residents’ families that it’s problematic, but without more funding, this is the best we can do for now”. 

    - Alon P, Manager, Senior Care Facility

How can you help?

We are looking for generous friends to cover the purchase price of the bibs, so that we can distribute Apri bibs to those around the world who could not otherwise access these essential aids.  

Together we can make daily life a little easier and more pleasant for the most vulnerable, and truly make a difference. Thank you.

How we make a difference