Nursing Homes and Day-Care Centers

Looking for high-quality washable bibs for elderly adults in nursing homes or day-care?

Apri has you covered.

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A bit about us…

We are an innovative brand dedicated to creating empowering, adaptive solutions for senior care and individuals of all ages with disabilities. Our products improve lives through thoughtful, inclusive designs tailored to meet unique needs.

What’s special about Apri adult bibs?

  • They are made in extended sizes with easy-to-open and close fasteners, creating the perfect fit with the best coverage. 

  • The soft, absorbent material is machine washable and should last for at least 18 months of heavy use. 

  • Fallen food is caught in the food pocket so it doesn’t spill onto the wearer’s knees. 

  • Available in tasteful colors so the wearer can look good and feel good while eating

Apri's values

We value building strong relationships with our clients, emphasizing both commercial excellence and fostering personal connections, all aimed at long-term success.

Nursing Homes and Day-Care Centres

How do Apri Bibs make mealtimes better?

Don’t take our word for it. Look at what our testers discovered!

85 children with disabilities in 12 different schools, kindergartens and organizations tried out Apri’s adaptive bibs. Their caregivers helped assess how the range compares to standard bibs.

See the test results below.

  • Neck fastenings keep food out

    Apri’s adjustable closures fit snugly and comfortably around the neck.

  • Clothes stay clean and protected

    Apri’s water repellent fabric keeps the clothes dry while the collection pocket captures fallen food.

  • Bibs are easy to fasten

    Apri bib closures are durable, sensory-friendly and simple to open and close.

  • Bibs boost eating

    Caregivers noted that children enjoyed mealtimes and ate slightly more food because Apri bibs are so stylish and comfortable.

  • Bibs strengthen independence

    Apri’s adjustable closures fit snugly and comfortably around the neck.