Apri special needs bibs for kids, teens and adults. Featuring customizable sleeve lengths for enhanced mobility. Explore adaptive design.

The Ultimate Collection of Adaptive Bibs!

Fashion never stops, and that’s why we’re so excited to share our latest collection of Apri bibs with two brand-new colors and a range of uber-stylish new prints. 

Sunshine Yellow and Timeless Dark Blue: A Splash of Joy

The bibs are available in sunshine yellow and a timeless dark blue. Why yellow? It’s a fresh, bold, happy color, and we want Apri bibs to help spread a little joy in the world. And for those who like to stay a little more discreet, our dark blue range will fit in everywhere.


Timeless Elegance: The Appeal of Classic Waterproof Bibs

Our classic one-color waterproof bibs are always popular as we designed them to look highly dignified and always on trend. 


Apri bib for adults, teens and kids with disabilities. Sleeveless, sunshine yellow with handy food pocketsleeveless dark blue special needs bib for adults, teens and kids


Whimsical Prints: From Monsters to Jungle Creatures

From cutesy monster friends to striking jungle creatures, our newest delightful Apri bib prints will bring extra fun to your table. It’s hard to find a favorite monster when they are all bubbling with personality, but we’d love to know what you choose. Or perhaps our elegant and classy leopards and tigers will be the must-have look for your bib-wearer?


Apri adaptive bib for kids, teens and adults with disabilities. Dark blue long sleeve for full coverage with fun pink monster print.waterproof disability bib for kids, teens and adults. Cap-sleeve, sunshine yellow with tiger graphic

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Special Needs, Special Styles: XS to XL and Sleeve Options

Our special needs bibs are sized from XS to XL and are all available in sleeveless, cap-sleeve, and long-sleeve versions.

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